Pinnacle Paints

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3M started in 1902 and was founded by the five founders. They mined corundum, a mineral that was ideal for making sandpaper and grinding wheels. This is the reason that corundum became another low-grade mineral known as anorthosite. They are formed because of the spirit of innovation and collaboration. They turned to different materials and then applied them to other products that gained the trust of investors. This helped them to increase the sales by a small amount.

3M Research & Development

The four main businesses of Pinnacle Coating Groups are connected to thousands of scientists and researchers worldwide, and it is related to research and development.
Research and development have always been the heartbeat of their business called 3M. They have invested around 5.9% of their sales into science that has made 3M strong. Their investment has helped to produce more than 3,500 patents annually.
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