Pinnacle Paints

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They are the leading manufacturer of high quality coatings for the protection of metal surfaces. They are highly specialised in the coal coating, aluminium extrusion, and transportation markets. They strive to create innovative products in their state-of-the art facility. They do ensue the regular testing of their highest quality products. They are running the business which is five generations old. They are the provider of coatings and their services are remained unmatchable. They are the industry leader in the protective coatings industry and it has taken them decades of experience, research and development as well as continuous commitment to performance.

High performing paints

Their commitment consists of more knowledge, more chemistry, and more performance into every barrel. Their focus remains mainly on coil coating, aluminium extrusion, transportation coatings, and speciality foil coatings. They intentionally do not try to be good at everything but do try to produce everything at the best.
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