Pinnacle Paints

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There was a time Wilbur and Orville Wright continued to struggle with their invention to get off in the air over Kitty Hawk. NC Arthur B. Harrison was working on testing their new waterproofing and damp-resistant materials to witness if they could keep the air's moisture away from homes and buildings. In the year 1904, Arthur B. Harrison encouraged his employer, who worked at Clifford I. Miller Company, and this company was a plaster manufacturer. It further led Mr. Miller to realize that Mr. Harrison's enterprise would generate the Rolls Royce of wood finishing products one day. In the year 1910, Mr. Harrison purchased the Miller interests, and after four years, he builds his business by the name of Minwax.​

Entry into the DIY field

H. Henderson, who was the former president of the company, stated that marketing of the new wood finish remained the low-key activity. It has been the word-of-mouth endorsement of many satisfied customers who were able to generate enormous demand. Later on, they added new colors to the line, and new companion products were introduced to make this company the complete wood finishing products company.
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