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In 1947, the Philadelphia businessman, Howard E. Kester, found the first and largest supplier of aerosol paint in the world Krylon Inc, which came out to be a revolution in the paint industry. In the same year, the exclusive products of Krylon® were introduced by Foster & Kester.

Foster & Kester are manufactures of brush-on clear protective acrylic coatings, which are widely used in the commercial art businesses. The products are inspired by the DuPont Corporation's development of a formula that combines gas and liquid into a single spray can. Kester innovated a creative way to blend his coatings into a product that had many advantages over the brush-on method – aerosol.

Krylon Industrial

Krylon® Industrial is known for its high-performance liquid coatings and durable aerosol paints. The industrial coatings are specifically designed for improving the environment. The coatings range from utility locating, property maintenance to the harshest industrial facility. Over the years, the company has fulfilled the requirements of its clients through a comprehensive line of innovative products and services. They're popular for providing the performance and peace of mind you need. No matter what application you're looking for, Krylon® Industrial has proven solutions to make your job simple and your operations efficient.

Product Guide

Are you confused about what color to choose? If yes, then you take help from Krylon's product guide. It is a start to finish guide that would help you choose better and more accurately as per your requirements.
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