At Pinnacle Coatings Group, we serve a variety of industries from residential and commercial construction to OEM and beyond. We wanted to take a moment to explain how our business can help different industries with their specific needs as it pertains to paint and coatings:


With our combined years of experience across architectural coatings and the amount of products we have access to, there’s always a solution for you here. Let us assist you with coating bids and specifications that make your job easier. Strict timelines are no stranger to us– and we help hundreds of home builders and developers meet deadlines with a wider product selection than our competitors.


We provide fast cure OEM paint solutions that are diverse, competitive and best in their class. These products come in conventional liquid, UV curing, or powder coatings, and we even have options including low/zero VOCs that are used on railcars, ships, trailers, oil and gas equipment, aerospace and beyond. Whether your objective is functionality or aesthetics, you can count on our continued involvement and expertise.


When it comes to managing a facility, safety is one of the main priorities. We have a wide variety of odorless, non-toxic paints for use in occupied buildings, reducing exposure risk to facility operators and improving the safety and guest experience for hotels, hospitals, colleges and more. Anti-microbial paints are available to prevent the growth of bacteria or viral organisms onto all surfaces which they are applied, such as HVAC systems and ductwork.


When it comes to moving millions of dollars in materials, it pays to invest in the quality of the products you’re using. Our product lines for oil and gas markets include the largest selection of fast cure tank linings, direct to metal urethanes, high heat coatings, and epoxies in the marketplace. Unlike our competitors who market only one brand, we represent three of the largest coatings manufacturers in the world.


The metal fabrications market is very diverse, and we are uniquely positioned to supply paints, primers and coatings for building materials like steel, aluminum, galvanized metals, brass and beyond. We can also supply fast and accurate color matching or set up tinting capacities at your location so you can create Color on Demand. Plus, we have many materials available in low/zero VOC emissions which can help provide a safer environment for your processes.


We are a turnkey, one-stop vendor for all types of painting equipment, including the installation and repair of paint booths, paint kitchens, mixing rooms, pumps, waste recyclers, blasting equipment and all other inter-related services for both powder and liquid coatings. Our field service team provides fast and efficient service, either in the field at customer locations or at our Dallas repair center.