Many companies know that if they could save on business cooling and heating costs, they’d cut away a substantial amount from their monthly bills. We’re here to let you know about an energy saving paint additive called Insul-Aggregate, which acts as a thermal barrier to reflect heat and enable a comfortable and temperate working environment.

Here’s an overview of the innovative product that can help you save on business cooling costs that can only be found at Pinnacle Coatings Group:

The Innovative Product Developed First by NASA

In 1955, NASA’s Technology Exchange Program developed the first insulating additive that blocked heat penetration when applied to the exterior of the cabin of a rocket or similar spacecraft. This essential step towards getting man on the moon also launched us towards a product that could change the way we control internal temperatures for good. Insul-Aggregate, which acts similarly to a foil radiant barrier film, was patented using this technology. By reflecting heat, the use of this additive produces an environment with less heating and cooling requirements.

Insul-Aggregate Energy Saving Paint Additive, made up of a complex blend of ceramic microspheres, can be mixed with any paint we offer at Pinnacle Coatings Group including latex house paint, industrial coatings, roof coatings, urethane, high temperature paint and more. 

How Much Could You Save on Business Cooling Costs?

Insul-Aggregate has been scientifically proven to decrease heat intake and lessen the amount of heat loss, even reducing heat gain by as much as 40 percent. What does that mean for your facility? An overall more regulated internal temperature, which results in less time spent waiting on the system to cool or heat the building and a lower cost to keep the temperature regulated throughout the day. 

In various tests performed by NASA and the Navy, the use of this additive has been proven to reduce energy costs by up to 20%. By choosing to coat your building’s walls and ceiling with Insul-Aggregate, your return on this investment will pay off in no time at all.

Benefits of Insul-Aggregate

Protecting Your Products with the help of Insul-Aggregate

Does your business lose product or end up with a lesser quality product due to unregulated temperature fluctuations? We often see this problem in the oil and gas industry, where the temperature of products through each step of the process must be highly regulated. With the use of an Energy Saving Paint Additive like Insul-Aggregate, you can take the first step towards reducing your product loss and protecting your investment over time.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Insul-Aggregate can help you save on energy costs for your business stop by our paint store in Dallas, Texas or give us a call at (214) 678-0080