We’ve been keeping an eye on the top designers’ opinions of what home design trends will be in this year, and which ones are going out of fashion. It’s important when you’re designing new homes, revamping your home to sell or making recommendations as a contractor to be on top of these 2020 home design trends:

White on White on White is Out

The ballots are in, and the days of white on white are over. While these trends used to be seen as timeless, experts are now recommending a base of light grey or a cream color to bring your home closer to modern design trends. Homeowners have already begun shifting this direction, as have commercial apartment buildings all across Texas. While white may still be in your designer color palette, try mixing it up a little to bring a modern flair and timeless air to your home’s design.

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Quality Over Quantity

There was a time in design when price points were the main factor in design decisions, but as consumers and designers alike become more knowledgable in how important the product quality is, we see lower quality paints going out the door entirely. This is one reason it’s important to ask your local paint store experts about the longevity and qualities of a paint product before you recommend it. At Pinnacle Coatings Group, our mindset is always quality over anything else.

Art Deco Glamour is the Biggest Trend for 2020

According to designer Eddie Maestri from Maestri Studio, architecture and interiors need to tell a story. This story should show “self-expression and a reflection of the occupants’ personality.” Art Deco Glamour is one trend that is coming in hot and really speaks to this vision of showing your personal style. Here’s a few tips to incorporate art deco glamour into your designs:

• Go Wild with Animal Prints

• Incorporate Geometric Shapes

• Sleek Materials Bring an Air of Sophistication

• Mirrors as statement pieces

• Mix in antique finds where they fit

Following design trends and anticipating new ones is a big part of creating designs that really stand out in 2020. For more design trend ideas, check out this blog on bringing Art Deco glamour into your home.

As always, we’re here to help you make the right product decisions that fit your design ideas. Call us at 866-946-3218 to speak to a paint expert today, or stop by our paint store in Dallas, TX.