This case study covers how a national ice cream vendor was able to improve their processes and reduce product loss with Insul-Aggregate thermal coatings.


Yumi Ice Cream distributes their products to over 12,000 customers nationwide, and the integrity of the product being maintained and upheld throughout the supply chain was an issue they weren’t sure how to solve. They were sending out their fleet of trucks at 5 AM in order to give the thermal box on the reefer trucks times to lower the internal temperature, which was rising again each night due to thermal intrusion. Then, they met with the team at Pinnacle to solve this issue once and for all.


Our team recommended the application of Insul-Aggregate thermal coatings, and were able to see immediate positive results. We applied the coatings to reefer trucks, where Yumi realized a 75% savings in diesel fuel used to run the thermo unit within temperature parameters. The Director of Operations, Daniel Mignault provided this statement:

“This installation has provided us with excellent results, which provided us with a 100% ROI within the first year. Additionally, we decided to apply the Insuladd thermal coating to the roof of our cold storage facility in San Antonio, which resulted in an immediate energy cost savings of 24% which flows directly to our bottom line.”

We can provide paint and coating products with Insul-Aggregate thermal coatings additives for a variety of cost saving and energy efficient applications to increase your profits. Ask us about Insul-Aggregate today!

Ice-cream van in traditional British seaside resort.