When it comes to painting your house, many people forget about the correlation between color and emotion. With the various psychological and physiological studies that have been done, it is important to consider which paint color is suitable for you and the room you are painting. At Pinnacle Coatings, we want to help you make the right decision when it comes to picking the right paint color and invoking the emotions you want to feel in each specific room. We care about more than just selling paint – we want your home to influence your mood in the way you want it to. 

To choose the right paint color for you, we have created a home painting guide covering everything you should know about paint color and emotion

Raise the Energy Level With Red

If you are a conservationist and enjoy connecting with people, red is your color. As the most intense color, red raises adrenaline, unlike any other hue which can lead to an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. Painting an accent wall red in your office at home is a great opportunity to capitalize on the increased energy and sense of power the bright color brings. Another great room to throw in some red is your dining room. As a color that stimulates both conversation and appetites, red will bring a sense of liveliness to your conversations and will ensure that everyone is ready to eat! As a top paint color in 2019, a red accent to any room is sure to make a strong first impression and draw excitement.

Show Color and Emotion with a Bold Blue

If you were stressed out by the notion of a red room, it’s safe to assume a blue room might be more your speed. The calming and serene color is known to bring down blood pressure and slow down the heart rate. While blue is a popular bedroom color, it is important to choose the right shade of blue. While pastel blues can often come across as cold and uninviting, darker blues tend to be warmer and more inviting. As another one of the top paint colors of 2019, it is also popular for walls to be blue in family rooms and living rooms to invoke relaxation in social settings. When using a lighter blue as the main paint color in a room, balance the rest of the room with warm undertones – an easy way to do this is with furniture and paintings!

Cool Down With Green

Green is a crowd pleaser and is known to evoke positive emotions, such as happiness and peace in most people. A color that represents nature, balance, and health, it is conclusive that green serves as an uplifting color. Because of the relaxation green brings and the calming effects green has, it is a great color to paint rooms that you typically go to relax in. This is why green is popular when choosing paint colors for an indoor patio or a living room. As a hue that represents wealth and success, darker green is also a great choice for a working space.

Picking The Right Paint Color

At Pinnacle Coatings, we truly want you to feel the emotions you want to evoke in your home. No matter what the emotion, we’ll be happy to talk to you about your options and find the best fit for a quality paint product that will not disappoint. 

Plus, we can even offer you paint and coatings that have antibacterial properties which are a great option for providing a safe living space for someone in your home who might have asthma, lyme disease or another health concern. To learn more about harmful chemicals in paint that might impact you in your home, check out our blog on “VOC-Free” Doesn’t Mean You’re Buying Non-Toxic Paint.”

If you’re interested in learning more about the paints we offer, stop by our location in Dallas, Texas or give us a call at (214) 678-0080.