The world we live in is changing for the better– people and businesses across the globe are considering their impact on the earth. The result is a global community of eco-minded individuals and in turn, eco-friendly paint products. We want to live on a planet that’s been painted a prettier color than we started with, and we strive to live out those values every day.

Here are some of our eco-friendly paint products that we at Pinnacle Coatings Group are proud to offer the world:

Eco-Friendly Paint Products Based in Lime

The core of an environmentally friendly product is an organic base. All-natural, high quality lime is a product of wood burning kilns, and this process produces a very high degree of whiteness and purity. The entire cycle is 100% natural from the wood used to feed the oven through the firing, to the collection of the raw product. This lime base is the raw material featured in the following products, which are some of the top sustainable products of 2019.

Graphenstone Paint: Your House Can Be a Tree

Graphenstone is the paint for the Green Generation. Your home can provide a healthier ambiance for your family, contribute to cleaning the air in your city and combat global warming with the help of this environmentally friendly product. How? When the lime is carbonating, it absorbs CO2 from the ambient air and cleans the air that you breathe. So your house can be a tree, and with this product spreading like wildfire– your entire neighborhood can be a forest in the future.

Plaster with a Purpose

Italian Masters products are ideally suited for the environmentally conscious builder or owner. Another product developed from all-natural lime, their Aged Lime Putty Plasters are an eco-friendly paint product that emits no VOC’s, meaning your environment is toxin-free from the first coat. Plus, they have an array of tools that only their Certified Installers have access to that make every job a job well done.

For home owners or business owners who are concerned with the toxicity in their environment and want to reduce their carbon footprint, please reach out to us to discuss our Clean Product offerings and make a plan for a sustainable future.

If you’re interested in learning more about our sustainable products, stop by our location in Dallas, Texas or give us a call at (214) 678-0080